Sea Trophy


There is a world to win

Welcome a new passenger on-board: Sea Trophy Green and Easy Oil Recovery. The first complete mobile pump system that enables the controlled, contained, fast (fuel-) oil recovery after incorrect or off-spec fuelling and in the event of grounding or calamity at sea.

Let’s make one thing clear, an oil spill spells disaster for all involved. Ship owners, the ship’s crew, salvors, the coast guard, emergency responders, oil companies, insurance brokers and last but not least, our precious environment. The irreversible damage spreads like ‘oil on water’.

The economic aftermath of an oil spill at sea, or in harbour, as a result of loss of time, capital damages and even the loss of the oil itself are often immeasurable. These damages however do not weigh up when compared to the ecological damage caused above and under water. Local economies, fishing and tourism all suffer when the unthinkable occurs.

Product - Sea Trophy

Now we have introduced the problem, let us introduce the solution, the Sea Trophy. This remarkable submersible oil pump is the first of its kind. Designed and built for green and easy oil recovery by the pump experts from the Netherlands, Van Heck.

These pages introduce you to this easy, affordable system and how it will willingly work for you, when the odds are not.

Watch the demo and see how it works!

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